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I have been part of the team since launch date and have loved every aspect. I’ve really enjoyed watching it all evolve and am excited for what the future holds.


20160620_114347My Background:

Before joining the team I had completed 3 ironman triathlons with a PB of 12hr20. My journey started as a overweight 98kg couch potato. Triathlon has completely changed my life and I love it.

The Training:

Having my training all set out on TP for me makes everything so much easier. I just simply complete the sessions and trust Rob and the team. No more worrying if I’m doing enough/to much, if I’m pushing to hard or taking it to easy. All the info is there. I just follow the sessions. No stress or hassle and feel great from it.

It’s all too easy to skip a session if it’s just something you planned to do… when it’s prescribed it seems a lot harder to skip!


My big goal for the 2016 season was The Outlaw, and If I had the perfect day then going sub-11 hours there. In the end I missed the 11 hours mark by 6 minutes due to windier than expected conditions. But taking 75 minutes off by iron-distance PB in a year – it’s an understatement to say I’m pretty pleased!

Throughout the season I’ve seen a 20% increase in my bike FTP – century rides no longer having guaranteed ‘dark spots’ and my bike fitness is noticeably better.

Running – I have always been very mid pack but shocked myself by finishing top 5 at a 10k recently with a massive 6 min PB of 36:45. Which given there’s been no run training directly aimed at 10km or shorter distances – I’m very happy with!

I genuinely believe Team Oxygenaddict will considerably benefit anyone who joins, what ever level you are at. I can’t see how anyone in the team could not agree. It’s a great environment to be part of. Everyone helps each other where we can and Rob is always available when any questions pop up.

I can’t recommend highly enough.

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